Major Marketing Automation Findings

Good morning IM Mojoers.
Finding a good method to run your ads automatically is a large undertaking.

Let us look at a few ways any of us can run well-received ads and content that allows us to keep experimenting and growing.
We want to have a fine tool that will alert you wherever you or team members are in order to make changes, be set to launch new marketing campaigns, turn off expiring ads and time-based content.

Taking a look at some the platforms software available looks like:
SharpSpring {from Constant Contact} |combines sales -and- marketing into one solution

For SBEs {and perhaps MSEs} – there are several single-focus marketing tools and very easy-to-use software that could be considered likewise.

They are:
Active Contact
Klaviyo {e-mail marketing focused}

Well, with most tools you can take a trial and see which platform will work for your company and new followers and fans.

After using any of the new platforms for several weeks, your findings should alert your team to all the changes and best campaigns.
Anything that helps to record and analyze the data is a step in the right direction.

You can look into organizations like the:
Social Media Association
Association of National Advertisers
American Marketing Association {possibly the largest marketing association in all of North America}

After looking at some of the platforms above; take a look into increasing your marketing output by automating some of your business marketing tasks.


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